Creative Therapy: Angela Rickard

Please tell me a little about yourself

I’m in my early 40’s but feel like I’m more in my early 30’s.  I have crafted since before I went to school, my mother is also quite crafty and let me copy her from a young age.  I went into IT but still craft when I have spare time.  I would like to eventually make craft something I pursue as a career if possible.

Where/how did you learn your craft(s)?

I mainly crochet and knit but also do other needlepoint crafts like cross stitch and embroidery.  Crochet I learnt from my mother when I was about 5 or 6 and Knitting from my Nan about the same time. Needle craft I mainly watched my mother again or picked up from various sources as technology has improved there are so many sources to improve technique and learn new things.

How do you feel crafting has impacted your life?

It has played a large part in my life it has been my go to when I need to relax or take my mind off something. The feeling of completing a project does not compete with anything else.

Do you do anything to pass the crafting bug on to others?

I took one of my crochet project that was a present that needed to be finished ASAP and I started a little corner at work when on our lunch break we would sit and knit or crochet and those that didn’t wanted to learn.

Is there anyone you find particularly inspirational in the crafting world?

The Crochet Crowd is my absolute favourite but I am also inspired by Bella Coco and Rachel John.

Do you do anything to share your creations? (gifting/selling?)  

I have never sold so far mainly gifted some things kept for myself.

What is next on the agenda for you?

Finding new techniques and stitches and maybe how I could make a profit from it.