Sarah S

I have always sewn since I can remember, my mum did and her mum did so it was ingrained from an early age, I also sketched, sculpted, printed and did ceramics.

In 2015 I had massive  “burn out” after going through some difficult and stressful times, this left me virtually unable to walk, or to see and incredibly tired. I am still in recovery and have managed to return to work full time with days worked at home where possible,  so I am doing well .

I loved drawing but had no inspiration so I decided to invest in a decent basic sewing machine (my other one was old and tired after endless patchworking and quilting from years before) and dressmaking meant I could be creative without having to have the original idea or walking too far, I could just follow a pattern instead make something and enjoy the experience.

About 40 dresses a coat, 10 tops later and a massive stash of fabric and patterns, I think I can truly say that it has really helped me to cope with the chronic fatigue I have been left with.

I am now starting to get inspired and designed my first basic dress and have drawn up the pattern. I also want to start thinking about creating finer quality clothes and venturing into soft sculpture, which I started to do before I got ill and there is a contemporary sewing group locally that I would like to join.

Sewing is something I can pick up and leave when I am tired. If I am too tired to sew I can do research or watch vlogs. I find it inspiring, I get excited about sourcing fabric, making something, wearing it, my wardrobe used to be dull and now it is bursting with colour. I go to work in really cheerful clothes where everyone else dresses corporate style, and I really love it.

I love watching Vlogs. My absolute fave is Gabby from Gabberdashery. I feel I have grown with her as she started as a sewist, she wears fun clothes, doesn’t conform, experiments, takes you through her failures and successes, she is an honest and  natural presenter and has such lovely and inspiring ideas, she is always so upbeat and I really look forward to catching up with what she has been doing. I am now getting into knitting because of her. I also love Clare Mackeness at Beautiful Things, she taught me to crochet virtually, and I have wanted to and tried on and off for years, she is so helpful when I have queries.

I truly don’t think that these 2 individuals and the sewing community do not really understand how they can affect other people in such a positive way. I am hoping to get the energy together to go to the K&S show in March for the first time. I don’t expect to get around it all but I just want to absorb inspiration and meet chat to other people there and probably spend a lot of money too!